About Us

Don Miller's name will always be on my building.

My name is Todd Leavitt.

In my four short years of working side-by-side with Mr. Miller, I learned many things. That's why my store will always be called Miller's Fine Jewelers.

I met Mr. Miller when he needed work done on his farm. At 16, I bucked hay, raked gravel, shoveled snow--anything he needed. I guess I did a good job because after I finished college, he ran into my mom and asker her what I was doing. She told him I was harvesting my last field of beans and then was off to look for a new job.

Mr. Miller moved to Moses Lake to retire and manage some land that he owned. He lasted 7 months. Hated retirement. Opened another jewelry store. A few years later, he hired me.  He taught me about being ethical, trustworthy and giving the best value to our customers. He loved innovation and technology. He was a gadget geek--installing the first electronic cash register in Enumclaw where his first store was. He loved sharing information and expertise.

For almost 20 years I have run Miller's based on those lessons. Every time you walk through our doors, it is my honor to serve you the Don Miller way.